Welcome to Supreme Domme where a feminine prowess is the one in control. I am Supreme Domme, a Black Dominatrix and Ebony Sinister Seductress with a lush and irresistible physique who is deeply rooted in financial domination. When it comes to buying me gifts and showering me with your submissive appreciation? I tend to like the finer things in life that hold value, much like my exquisite and exclusive domination services.


First and foremost, I want you to know, I am glad you found me and fulfilling your fantasies coupled with your submissiveness is my addiction. Secondly, I fulfill financial domination fantasies of all fashions and types that provide excitement from the sublime to the bizarre. And lastly, I am divine and dangerous. Therefore, my submissive wolf also needs to be faster, smarter, and stronger than the rest of the pack.



If you think you have what it takes to play a dangerous and seductive game with me and relinquish over your financial control? Please continue to read more about my ebony financial domination services and fill out the contact form. Your first lesson is to wait patiently for my reply. Don’t worry my little Piggy, Supreme Domme answers all valid inquiries. Now be a good boy or girl and read. In addition to my financial domination services, I have three Sinister Rules that you must adhere to: I Seek, You Spend, and We Splurge. It’s important to remember who’s in control here, and my words are even more commanding in person. I love a strong and intelligent Submissive who kneels down before me and worships my commands. Additionally, those who feed my twisted addiction are well rewarded. If this is your first time looking for a FinDom, the list provided below better explains some of my financial domination services:


Financial Domination

Financial domination is my main forte, therefore, if your fantasy involves Findom or money slavery in person, I’m your Golden Goddess. Supreme Domme also likes Submissives who are into foot fetishes, finsub, human ATM, cash piggy, paypig, money slave games. I’m very sexy and seductive, but I’m also your financial dominant, is that understood? However, those who earn my trust often return because they listened and followed my rules.

Ebony Online Mistress

If you’re looking for an exceptionally hot and intelligent online mistress and want to be financially dominated via secured video connections, I am your female dominate online mistress for both males and females. I do not judge or discriminate; therefore, your fantasies and secrets are safe with me. You may be required to perform certain tasks and sexual activities upon my command. If you are disobedient in any fashion, you will be punished.


Pay Pig

As my Pay Pig, you are consented to financial servitude and will buy me whatever I ask for. You will be financially dominated by me, and you will have no worth aside pleasing me. There will be no financial secrets between us. You may be told what you can spend a week because you have given me control over your bank accounts. As my Pay Pig, you are also subject to public humiliation and degradation as well as being financially and sexually rationed when you misbehave.


Black Cash Slave

If your fetish and fantasies evolve around being a cash slave, Supreme Domme is ready to financially dominate you. It is important to understand that I am your Cash Mistress, you will give in to my commands. This type of service is typically done online via webcam. You will be given instant access to my webcam upon your inquiry where I will demand that you buy me something to prove your worth. If you want to show me your gratitude for my submissive cash slave services, give me your cash, and don’t expect anything in return

Foot Fetish

If you have a foot fetish and are aroused by licking, touching, kissing, massaging, and rubbing feet as well as sucking on toes, I am your Podophilia Princess. My feet are silky smooth, very sexy, and ready for you to worship them. You may find jewelry, painted toe nails, or other adornments on my pedicured feet. Regardless of your foot fetish, and there are many, Supreme Domme is here to help you fulfill your sexual kink. Knowing that your giving me your money to touch or look at my feet is one of the hottest things in my twisted world.


Your Ebony Supreme Domme

You can get into deep financial trouble and debt with the Bank of Supreme Domme and have your cash slave fetishes fulfilled. I am a Dominant Ebony Findom who drains your cash and life. You will be forever indebted to me and thankful that I helped you deplete your cash reserves. I offer a wide range a financial domination services with sexual satisfaction guaranteed. My financial domination services are subject to cause you problems and ruin your life. If you want to feel worthless and have your wildest fantasies fulfilled, make a cash deposit at the Bank of Supreme Domme and get ready to worship the ground I walk on. Now, fill out the contact form, and wait for my divine reply.


BDSM stand for bondage, discipline, and submission, and sadomasochism. I’m a professional Practitioner of BDSM with years of experience of being a dominating Dominatrix. I offer a full range of scenarios, fetishes, discipline, correction, and sexual games with my dominating BDSM experience. As your Disciplinarian and Black Cash Mistress, you will subjected to humiliation and correction. I have an arsenal of restraints, chains, whips, and dangerous toys to satisfy any scenario or fetish that you may have.


Human ATM

I get turned on by using you as my personal human ATM and having you relinquish control of your accounts over to me. You will be required to pay my bills, provide me with cash, and play games with me that involves your money. You will also find yourself in a Debt Contract with me where you will give me a weekly/monthly amount of cash that I determine suits your worthlessness. I get wet by draining your wallet and bank accounts, and nothing excites me more than exploiting, manipulating, and controlling my Human ATM Submissives into doing whatever I command.

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