Submissive Enslavement by a Deviant Ebony Virtual Mistress

Obedient and well-to-do Submissives who are highly addicted to Virtual Mistress games enhanced by financial domination can apply for Supreme Domme’s Virtual Ebony Mistress services and become financially and sexually enslaved by filling out the provided contact form. 

Regardless if this is your first Femdom VR sex experience or not, I am willing to guide and provide you with exclusive access into a perilous and financially unstable VR world where you can indulge and act out your most perverted and twisted sexual desires via private, encrypted, and secure online video sessions.


financial dominationWhen it comes to inviting and giving a total stranger access to my private webcam, which is also an extension of my private Domain, there are certain rules and financial obligations that all Finsubs must abide by in order for me to your Virtual Mistress. To ensure that your VR Findom experience delivers and satisfies your sexual deviance beyond your wildest expectations? Be prepared to shower me with lavish gifts and large cash payments as I deem fit.

In order to have become sexually enslaved by the Supreme Domme, your acceptance and financial obligations must meet the following criteria listed below:

  • A well-written and detailed initial inquiry
  • The desire to have your life and cash reserves depleted
  • Financial success and the ability to pamper me with cash
  • A demonstration of submissiveness and obedient online behaviors
  • Compatible VR equipment and reliable internet connection


In general, rules are set in concrete for many different reasons, and breaking them as we all know comes with certain ramifications and consequences, and so do mine. I am an extremely attractive and intelligent Deity who has the power to abruptly stop your online ebony dominatrix video sessions whenever I deem fit; therefore, your ability to adhere to my rules is a key factor to how well your VR Findom experience plays out.


virtual dominatrixObedient and Submissive slaves will be subjected to a number of sexual fantasies that directly involves my Pristine and naked body while being degraded, humiliated, and sexually tortured. This is not a game for the weak or broke Submissive. Having a dominating Virtual Mistress such as my Divine self is a dangerous and expensive endeavor.

In order to retain a private video session and become sexually enslaved by Supreme Domme, you must have the financial means to support the VR Findom services that I provide. If you cannot demonstrate the ability to buy me expensive gifts or make large cash deposits into the Bank of Supreme Domme? You can find another Virtual Mistress because my financial domination services are absolutely the best that money can buy.

Supreme Domme is a VR Findom who provides exceptional Virtual Mistress and Financial Domination services to wealthy Whales who are seeking Sadistic Slavery. For premium and fast service, fill out the contact form and be ready to be subjected to a Dark and Deviant Slavery experience of a lifetime.

Submissives Who Have an Ebony Cashslave Fetish Apply Here

If you have Cashslave fetish and want to be dominated, tortured, humiliated, degraded, and financially drained? Apply here at Supreme Domme, the world’s most highly-desired Findom by distinguished and wealthy Submissives. As Supreme Domme’s Cashslave, you can expect a variety of sadistic Cashslave services and a number of financial obligations for my Divine financial domination services. If you fail to meet the demands of your black fetish mistress or misbehave in any fashion, I have the Divine Authority to end our relationship or physically, mentally, and sexually starve you as a part of your corrective punishment.


online dominatrixTo acquire Supreme Domme’s Cashslave services for either in-person or online, fill out the contact form and be as specific as you can about your fetish and wait for my Divine reply. Your private and personal information will be protected, but it should also be true and accurate for verification purposes. For indigent Finsubs, Supreme Domme is not your Cashmistress and does not entertain or provide free services for pathetic losers. I am Supreme Domme, the Golden Goddess of seduction and domination who demands your cash for my explicit and exclusive services.


You will also be provided with links to various platforms like Amazon and others where you can expect to buy me gifts of my choosing. I have a minimum gift amount of $25, and if you really want to impress the Supreme Domme, send her more. Although buying me gifts is just a small token of your appreciation for my adulteress authority and new commanding voice in your worthless life, as Supreme Domme’s Cashslave, you may be required on my command to secure my hourly services, pay my rent, take me on shopping sprees, or book exotic trips for private ecstasy sessions.


domination games

Supreme Domme gets wet playing a variety of Cashslave black femdom games, and I’m waiting for my next victim. For those who dare to enter my Dungeon of Pain can expect to have their wildest fantasies fulfilled. The Supreme Domme does not disappoint, and big tippers can expect to get more than they bargained for.

Finsubs can apply for the following Cashslave domination games:

  • Feetworshipping Slave
  • Sissifacation Slave
  • Refund/Reimburse Slave
  • Public Humiliation Slave
  • Pain Slave


If you have other bizarre fetishes or requests, feel free to tell me about it; however, address me properly. It’s important to remember who you are dealing with. I am your Cashmistress, a Sexy, Divine, and Dangerous Deity that demands respect and for all submissive Finsubs to do as I command. Those who break the rules are subject to corporal punishment, starvation, sexual humiliation, public degradation, extended time in bondage, and substantial cash payments to the Bank of Supreme Domme.

The Supreme Domme is unlike any other Findom you’ve ever met before, and she is the Dominating Bitch that your mother warned you about. If you are ready to be financially dominated and sign a contract into cash slavery, get your wallets out and cocks loaded because you may explode in the presence of the Supreme Domme.

The Finer Things For Your Findom

I believe in buying things that hold value rather than loading up on a bunch of worthless crap.

wealth doesn’t come from shopping retail. I want money to work FOR ME and not against me.

I’m seeking a smart investor pay piggy for an intricate relationship. I want my wolf to be smarter, faster, stronger. I want to build an empire. Who will show me their worth. if you can really make my findom fantasy a reality.

let’s play a game. I seek. you spend. we splurge.

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