Month: June 2020


Welcome to a dark and dangerous world where black financial servitude comes with an irresistible, sexy, and silky-smooth ebony body coupled with the ultimate price tag, your money. I am Supreme Domme, a gorgeous, professional, and highly-desired ebony financial domination among the Submissive elite. If you are struggling with everyday life and are tired of being filthy rich, relinquish your financial control over to me. I can help you by depleting your cash reserves while dominating every aspect of your worthless and invalid life.


findomMuch like other financial institutions in real life, my black financial servitude services start with an application process where Submissives can inquire about being financially dominated. I would highly recommend that you tell me a little bit about yourself and why you need my services because vague and short messages may not receive my Divine reply.

Upon being granted access, you should also be prepared to hand over your banking information and make a deposit at the Bank of Supreme Domme. You may also be required to buy me gifts, pay my rent, buy my groceries, and provide me with lots of spending money to further prove your worthiness to serve me.

I am a powerful and sexy Deity who has mystical and seductive powers and enjoys the finer things in life, but I also deliver on my word to Submissives who sign up for my black financial servitude services. Although there a variety fetishes in today’s modern society, black financial domination is probably the most desired one among wealthy men and women of all races.


financial dominatrixFirst and foremost, I am demanding and dangerous; therefore, you are forever indebted to my black financial servitude. Do not expect nothing in return but complete and utter humiliation coupled with big financial problems.

As my Submissive, you may be subjected to the following acts:

  • Public degradation and humiliation
  • Put on a weekly budget as I deem fit
  • Told when you can look or speak to me
  • Punished for breaking my rules
  • Sexually and physically starved

    If you’re a Submissive in a position of power and have influence over other people’s lives, be prepared to meet your new financial adviser because I will be making your business decisions for you from here on out. As a professional black online mistress, I come highly-educated and have exceptional business management skills; therefore, if you have a successful business with employees who depend on you?

    As the new CEO of your business, I will make sure your company and the families who depend on it do not suffer; however, you on the other hand, your value and self-worth will be greatly diminished, in addition to your annual salary. If you’re ready to indulge in the world’s most expensive fetish with the Black Goddess of Ebony Financial Servitude, please read my warning below.


    My realm is not a place for the weak or broken Submissive. Only serious Subs and financially wealthy need apply for my black financial servitude services. Trust me when I say, you have never met another Ebony Bitch as Badass as the Supreme Domme. If you’re ready to relinquish total financial control over to me, I dare you to message me and enter into my realm of black financial servitude.

    Exquisite Ebony Video Dominatrix Services

    I am Supreme Domme, your professional ebony video dominatrix who is skilled at inflicting the right kind of pain that makes submissive clients cry out in pleasure. Although my ebony services hinge on pain and financial dominance, it’s more about the sensations I deliver in the video experience that makes me the most sought out virtual ebony dominatrix currently available on the internet.

    If you want an experienced and exquisite ebony dominatrix, I can guide you through a variety of acts considered too taboo by many that fulfill your wildest fantasies and have you coming back for more. My ebony video dominatrix services are carefully planned, tailored, and customized beforehand, ensuring that each Submissive receives the highest level of personal experience.


    domination fetishUpon being approved and granted access into my ebony video Dungeon of Pain, you will be subjected to both mental and physical pain where I love to watch you suffer in agony. A heed of the warning. I am not some cheap webcam bitch; therefore, if you want the ultimate ebony video dominatrix experience? You must have the financial means to support my demanding and lavish lifestyle because if you don’t? I will end our online relationship and make room for a Submissive who does.

    Here at Supreme Domme, there are no limits to the level of perversion that you can experience; however, I also reserve the right to deny certain requests. I love playing dark and sadistic games via my ebony video Dungeon of Pain, and I’m into all sorts of twisted games including the following, but are not limited to:

    • Cock & Ball Torture
    • Pegging
    • Medical Play
    • Corporal Punishment
    • Nipple Torture
    • Body Restraints
    • Degradation
    • Role Play
    • Pay Piggy
    • Financial Domination


    What gets me wet is seeing you on your knees begging me for mercy. It’s this sort of dominance and play that draws me in and feeds my sadistic addiction. For many Submissives, especially white men, the ultimate ebony video dominatrix experience is to be financially dominated by a powerful online ebony Dominatrix.

    The Supreme Domme does not disappoint, providing that my demands are met and your wallet can pay for my exceptional and exquisite ebony dominatrix services. I emit an aura of power that commands respect that many Submissives from all walks of life find attractive and simply irresistible. Once you see me on your webcam, you will see why so many Submissives wish to serve the Supreme Domme.


    dominatrixYour first step is fill out my contact form and simply wait for my Divine reply. You must be honest and straightforward when filling out your inquiry. Although I do not like to deny my ebony video dominatrix services to anyone, I do have a choice and the final say in who gets the privilege to serve me.

    For the ultimate and hottest ebony dominatrix on the web, get your wallets out and be prepared to be dominated by a seductive and sinister ebony dominatrix that demands your cash and servitude.

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